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No it can’t and I am not sure if that would make sense. The Color Balance tool is already selective as it is split into the three tones.

Its primary use is for applying an overall grade. Quite different from the COlor Editor which could be used locally.


Comment on 3 steps to an easy switch from Lightroom to Capture One by Bob DeLellis Thu, 30 Jul 2015 19:40:21 +0000 Hi Dennis, I’m really glad you found the video useful and gave C1 another try. I think I gave up and went back twice, before I really committed to making C1 work. Now that it appears you are making that commitment, if you haven’t already, I suggest you start watching all of David Grover’s short how-to videos. You can click on the question mark (?) in each tool to follow a hyperlink to the tutorial page in the online help section of the C1 site. Particularly, pay attention to the tutorials on Local Adjustments and the new 3-way Color Balance tool. Beyond the “under the hood’ RAW conversion engine, in my opinion, those are a couple of the major features that REALLY puts C1 head and shoulders above LR. Also, study the C1 Levels tool. It looks similar to the Levels tool in PS, but it’s more powerful. As you commit to, and become more adept at Capture One, you’re going to find it increasingly more painful to go back to Lightroom. I did.

BTW, David and I are doing a joint live webinar on August 11th, where I’ll be demonstrating and expanding on what’s in the video. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, as we’ll be making a list of things we want to touch on plus we’ll be taking questions. Please try to join us. :)

Comment on Color Balance reload – still more to give? by horst andersen Thu, 30 Jul 2015 19:29:14 +0000 Can the Color Balance tool be used with mask´s ?

Comment on 3 steps to an easy switch from Lightroom to Capture One by Dennis Bater Thu, 30 Jul 2015 15:10:43 +0000 Bob, I watched your three steps to move over to Capture One from Lightroom. I too played with Capture One but because I found things different then what I was use to continued with Lightroom, using Capture One for tethering. I noticed how great the images appeared when I was capturing them and then a little disappointed when I imported them into Lightroom. After watching your video I decided to give it another chance! So with an open mind I edited a complete studio shoot with Capture One. It now appears that I should have done this months ago. Thanks for the video.

Comment on 3 steps to an easy switch from Lightroom to Capture One by Fred Wed, 29 Jul 2015 19:41:51 +0000 Like you said in your first part, exactly my experience. I often tell people the same thing, creative people like musicians, photographers, painters etc. are coming from the same ‘source’.

Yes sure, you can roundtrip LR_C1_LR and use watch folders and so on. But you end up with an edited TIFF in LR…. Your workflow using green and red color tags, is a good replacement to LR’s flag system, pretty slik dude:)! I could live with that workflow and on this stage LR is still not needed.

At this moment I’m trying to use sessions. Using one big session you get a kind of an updated finder file system. I create a (sub)folder outside C1 and drag my files into it. Starting C1 session et voila you got your just created folder with files. It is not perfect and that’s why I’m still using LR.

Sure your answers help a lot, to me and I think to other people as well. Thanks again. And Bob, make your guitar scream!:)

Comment on 3 steps to an easy switch from Lightroom to Capture One by Bob DeLellis Wed, 29 Jul 2015 16:41:13 +0000 Thanks, I’m so glad you liked it. ANOTHER musician/photographer. We are everywhere. :) I’ve heard that all musicians want to be photographers and all photographers want to be musicians. There are quite a few well-know photographers that also play music. For example Rick Sammon went to the Berklee School of music, Gary Fong and Joe Brady (PocketWizard) both play guitar and Tony Corbell plays drums. Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue has photography book out called “This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx”. These are two creative disciplines that have much in common.

No, I rarely go into LR. I stopped using Smugmug and changed my site to using the ProPhoto Blog theme for WordPress. I did that when ProPhoto Blog came out with a proofing plugin. I figured I could save a couple hundred dollars per year in Smugmug fees and I wasn’t a fan of the amount commission they would take, when I processed prints thru them. I’m pretty sure you won’t see the C1 edited version of the image in LR. C1 can see the star ratings and color tags, so you COULD do your culling and organization in LR, first and then edit in C1,but the edits don’t go back to LR. ALSO, David Grover did a webinar on how to keep all your images in LR and then round-trip to/from C1 to do your editing. The down side to that, is you end up with an edited TIFF in LR. If you need to do further editing, you have to round-trip again (someone correct me, if I’m wrong). I found that using green and red color tags, was a suitable replacement to LR’s flag system. So, in C1 I use stars and color tags, where in LR I used starts and flags, but never used stars, color tags AND flags. If you DO use all three in LR, that will be one area you’ll have to adapt.

One feature I’ve been asking for is the ability to move folders IN C1 without having to go to the finder. Also, I’d like C1 to be able to FIND new folders within existing folders. If you synchronize in C1 will see a checkbox in the dialog that says “include KNOWN subfolders”. If you want to add photos to C1 by dragging to a folder, you MUST create the folder in C1 first, since it can NOT synchronize folders it doesn’t already know about. THAT is how I used to work in LR. When I shoot a wedding, I use different cards for the before shots, ceremony, formals and reception. LR import was slower than C1, so I would create folders for each card and drag them to those folders and then synchronize. You CAN do that in C1, but, again, you must create the folders IN C1 NOT in the Finder. Moving is even more difficult. Since C1 will not move folders in the Finder, you have to manually move them and then go back into C1 and “locate” (show where you moved) the folder. It wasn’t a “deal-breaker” for me, but it would be more convenient if C1 could see unknown subfolders and move folders in the Finder. It CAN move files between existing “known” folder, though.

I hope this all helps. Rock on, DUDE!! :)

Comment on 3 steps to an easy switch from Lightroom to Capture One by Bob DeLellis Wed, 29 Jul 2015 16:15:21 +0000 Hi David,

It sounds like you’re getting the hang of editing your shortcuts. I do show in the video that, if you try to select a shortcut that’s already taken, C1 will display a warning. Generally the curser (pointer) uses the letter V. I also mention that Adobe is inconsistent in some areas and use a different shortcut in LR than they use in PS. For example, crop in PS is C, but C is already taken with the Compare function in LR, so they used R. That makes NO sense to me. Another example is B adds to the Target Collection, but B is the brush tool in both PS AND in C1. All the tools should use the same shortcut across all products, to avoid confusion. Personally, I would change the cursor to V to match PS and then G would be available for the Grid. The beauty of this entire process is you make it work, for YOU. Unfortunately, you’ve had to put a little more work into making everything work, but, on the bright side, I’ll bet these shortcuts are already ingrained and with a little more practice, it will become 2nd nature. It took a little time, but I’m now actually faster in C1 than I was in LR.

Comment on 3 steps to an easy switch from Lightroom to Capture One by Fred Wed, 29 Jul 2015 12:56:44 +0000 Great tutorial! Bob, just curious do you still use LR i.e. for Library management? Cause the Lib features are not the best part of C1….Other issues; no plugins, no uploader smugmug etc. I have both applications and to me, C1 is more designed for studiowork, tethered shooting etc. BTW I like to play music as well, I’m on ‘keys’.

Comment on How far can you go with Capture One 8.2? by Alexander Flemming Wed, 29 Jul 2015 12:43:46 +0000 Maybe my eyes are fooling me, but that looks like a building as far as I can tell. Anyway, the point is that this image is indeed a RAW image from the starting point. No cheating here. ;)


Comment on How far can you go with Capture One 8.2? by Maarten Wed, 29 Jul 2015 12:02:49 +0000 Hi Alexander, thanks for the fast feedback.

I meant, in de side of the car there is some sort of reflection visible which would indicate that there was a car standing closer in the shot…
Maybe it was just out of the frame ?