Meet Our Contributors


Niels V. K.

Phase One’s Image Quality Professor

He is responsible for breakthrough advancements in image quality both in Phase One’s medium format camera systems and in its digital imaging software.

Niels is a digital pioneer whose debut in the digital photography business was more than 20 years ago specializing in image processing and digital camera technology. Niels was the main driver behind the development of the Capture One RAW converter and image editing software as well as the legendary Light Phase digital back. Since then he has been working with some of the world’s best photographers in a relentless effort to achieve the ultimate image quality and photography workflow.

Niels holds several patents in the field of digital imaging and image processing and has been a pioneer in making ICC profiling work for digital cameras.Beside his position at Phase One, Niels is a passionate landscape photographer.


David G.

Marketing team

You may recognize him if you have taken part in our long running weekly webinar broadcasts on practical use of Capture One 7.

He started his career in Digital Photography, which was one of the first commercial studios in London, UK, to go completely digital from a film based workflow. Obviously this was not without its problems and has paved the way for a mind geared towards problem solving and making things work! Since that period of change and exciting progress in technology, David has stayed working with high-end digital cameras and imagery in processing applications.

After joining Phase One in 2012, it didn’t take long for him to become a firm fan of Capture One and now enjoys processing and presenting his own work in the only choice in Imaging Software!

Besides working at Phase One, you can find David in his workshop, riding his motorbike or attempting not to crash his Quadcopter.



Lionel K.

Advanced Algorithms Manager

He is the lead of the image-processing group behind Capture One.

Lionel holds a 1995 Ph.D. in statistical image processing and has been involved in the image processing industry for more than 20 years.

He was previously employed as Algorithms Manager at KLA-Tencor, California, and as a Researcher at IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose.

Lionel’s personal interests include computational imaging and landscape photography – ever striving for the best possible image quality.


Jacob F.

Application Software R&D Manager

His team is responsible for Capture One and several other software products from Phase One.

Since joining Phase One in 2002, Jacob has been deeply involved in all major Capture One software releases. He has worked in different roles as Developer, Architect and Manager. Prior to joining Phase One, Jacob has worked with VPN routers at Eicon Networks Research A/S, Ada-based software development tools for safety-critical systems at DDC-I A/S and as Research Assistant at the Technical University of Denmark and University of Cambridge, England. Jacob holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Technical University of Denmark.

Besides working at Phase One, Jacob is busy with his family and four kids. He has a passion for good design and technology while enjoying photography as a hobby.


Drew A.

Technical Supporter

for Phase One as well as all partner companies. Drew works directly with customers in addition to assisting partners and sales associates alike to better understand the features of all of Phase One’s products. His role in the company extends to photographic workshops, training seminars and sales events.

An avid photographer himself with 10+ years of industry experience and formal photographic training, Drew’s position takes him to all corners of the globe to offer assistance wherever it may be needed. His technical background lends itself to the thorough understanding of Digital Photography both the components within each camera and the methods used from capture to final product.

Well versed in Camera systems, Computer Systems, Photographic Software, Studio Lighting hardware and Post Production workflows his technical support abilities are well rounded. With first hand knowledge of nearly all professional camera systems and methods, his broad knowledge helps Professional and Amateur photographers alike.


James J. (also known as Jim)

POCP Instructor and Technical Support

Previously he worked as a digital and lighting rental specialist and freelance technical assistant in the UK and has some 10 years experience with Phase One systems and software.

When not working in Support, he can be found traveling the globe, leading POCP training for Asia/Pacific and Europe.


Theis H.

R&D Software, Head of Windows Team

Theis is a senior software developer who has been part of the Capture One Windows team for the past six years. (Too) early in the morning you will often find Theis in the Phase One software department coding the idea his brain worked on last night while his baby twins refused to sleep without holding dad’s hand.