Second to None Color with Pratik Naik

According to high-end retoucher, Praktik Naik, photographers spend a lot of money investing in gear such as cameras, lenses and lightning. However, they seem to forget the RAW processing stage, which is the most crucial element in photography, if you ask Pratik.


Personally, Pratik prefers to use Capture One Pro 9 for his RAW processing. His explanation is that it contains reliable tools that offer richer colors, compared to all other RAW converters on the market. Watch his video about Capture One Pro 9 to learn why he thinks this is so essential to your photography:

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Stay on top of your game

If you are interested in getting to know more about Pratik’s work with Capture One Pro 9, watch the BTS-video from his shoot with professional photographer, Jonas Jensen:

“Fashion photographers on set, they’re using it on a day-to-day basis because it’s industry standard, I mean.. If you’re using something else, you’re probably not on the top of your game”. – Pratik Naik

New to Capture One Pro?

If you’ve never tried Capture One Pro, you can download a free trial here:

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Check out Pratik Naik’s new tutorials for those who want to learn Capture One Pro:


July 28 2016

By Pratik Naik

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  • Pratik Naik
    Pratik Naik

    Pratik Naik is a high-end retoucher and retouching mentor/trainer based out of Houston, Texas. You have probably seen his work in magazines like ELLE, Marie Claire, GQ, and Zink to name a few.

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    Comments (2)

    Ghyslaine de Montigny

    J’ai déjà Capture One mais IMPOSSIBLE d’accéder à mes photos pour leur apporter un post-traitement. Je peux télécharger sur le logiciel mais IMPOSSIBLE d’aller plus loin. Je trouve cela dommage. Les vidéos en ANGLAIS ne m’aident pas du tout. Comme j’ai 2 appareils photo de Sony (Nex 6 et Alpha 7), j’utilise depuis quelque temps Image Data Converter mais je sais que Capture One me permettrait d’aller plus loin. Je dois attendre la sortie d’un guide en français afin de faire un nouvel essai.

    David Grover

    Hi Ghyslaine,

    You can download the Quick Start Guide which has a French section…

    Also we have some webinars in French on Youtube…


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